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Advancing and Strengthening the Whole Family 

Providing family-led strategies that supply adults and children with the tools they need to set goals together, create plans, and achieve those goals.

Our Programs

Online/ In-person Tutoring

Personalized learning experience.  This is done through zoom or in-person. Scholar will be given a personal zoom link or meeting time!.

Small/Group Sessions

This will enable scholars to have round table discussions on various tailored topics. Offered services Local library/online

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One-on-One Sessions

One-On-One Rapid Remediation is available from certified teachers.

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College & Job Readiness

Jumpstart your career and college searches.  We provide resources and tools for job readiness, various college grants and FASFA assistance!

Local Business Partners
Entrepreneurship Advice

Starting a business can be scary and a bit overwhelming.  Come learn the tools and strategies to become a successful entrepreneur!

Happy Family
Assistance for Adults and Families

Individual and group sessions for adults and families. Providing resources and skills in becoming a better version of yourself and family! 

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Meeting individuals where they are and advancing them beyond measure!


212 Main St. Tarboro, NC 27886


(252) 955-2624

What people are saying:

Accepting Prosperity is a God send!

I feel comfortable talking to the professionals at Accepting Prosperity!

I struggled with starting my business, and Accepting Prosperity relieved me of that added stress and helped me along the way!

The resources that Accepting Prosperity provides help me out a lot! 

My child has gone up one letter grade this 9 weeks and his behavior has improved.  Thanks for your tips and strategies! 

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